Your Biological Energy Clock

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The idea of a body energy clock comes from ancient Chinese medicine and also has roots in Indian medical traditions as well.  As we set our clocks back last night, it is interesting to think about how the idea of a certain times of the day and night and the relation of a time cycle on our overall health.    This is one guide I found online and I liked it for how it illustrated how to support the body during it’s regeneration and activity time for different major organs and systems in the body.  People often have trouble with sleep by waking up between 1-3am   According to  body energy clocks that is a signal that the liver – which is regenerating most...

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The Good Side Of Blue Light

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Confused about blue light’s benefit’s and risks? We specifically work with Blue light that is 465 nm and here is a nice illustration from the Review of Optometry of how this blue-turquoise wavelength of light is so important to vision, sleep, hormones, and our rhythm of life. THE GOOD SIDE OF BLUE LIGHT The labeled blue-turquoise light range, which is from 465 nm to 495 nm, is essential to our vision, the function of our pupillary reflex, and in general to human health. It also helps to regulate our Circadian sleep/wake cycle.11 So blue light in general can have healthy affects on vision as well as the body, and it is this blue-turquoise light that tends to...

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The Miracle Molecule You Make With Light

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What is the Miracle Molecule You Make With The Right Light? When red and infrared wavelengths of light – the exact range of our standard pads – shine into the body in an area of circulation the body responds by releasing more of a signalling hormone that opens up the flow of blood and lymph and dilates blood vessels and arteries.  This signalling hormone is called Nitric Oxide.  This is not Nitrous Oxide, the “laughing gas” that you receive at the dentist.  Nitric Oxide is far more important. Dr. Christine Northrup MD says “‘I have come to see Nitric Oxide as the physical expression of Prana – your life force.   It is the “Wow” molecule...

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