Increasing Circulation

Light donates photons to cells that need energy. The photons increase production of ATP, the energy of the cell. The cell uses this energy to regenerate. When red and infrared light pass through the skin it induces nitric oxide production in the red blood cells and endothelial cells. Nitric Oxide keeps blood vessels open, elastic and functioning properly. The combined effect is increased blood flow and even the formation of new circulatory pathways. Dr. Ignarro is an excellent resource to look up on youtube or google to learn more about this amazing nitric oxide. The more diodes a system has, the more effective the nitric oxide induction is. Research has shown that a minimum of 60 diodes is needed to induce an 8% increase. 120 diodes will induce a 26% increase. We work with a minimum of 500 diodes for a powerful increase. A typical low level laser only has 4-36 diodes of light.

Reduce Body Fat, Regulate Insulin and Metabolism with Light?

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Light and metabolism.  It is so cool to see this study show a reduction in body fat AND metabolic regulation. Light ignites the cellular metabolism. Lasers Surg Med. 2015 Oct;47(8):634-42. doi: 10.1002/lsm.22395. Epub 2015 Jul 29. The potential of phototherapy to reduce body fat, insulin resistance and “metabolic inflexibility” related to obesity in women undergoing weight loss treatment. Sene-Fiorese M1, Duarte FO2, de Aquino Junior AE1,3, Campos RM4, Masquio DC4, Tock L5, de Oliveira Duarte AC6, Dâmaso AR4, Parizotto NA2,3, Bagnato VS1,3. Author information Abstract BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: The metabolic flexibility is often impaired in diseases...

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Major Advances In Light Therapy Applications

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Photomed Laser Surg. 2016 Mar;34(3):93-101. doi: 10.1089/pho.2015.4015. Epub 2016 Feb 18. “Quantum Leap” in Photobiomodulation Therapy Ushers in a New Generation of Light-Based Treatments for Cancer and Other Complex Diseases: Perspective and Mini-Review. Santana-Blank L1, Rodríguez-Santana E1, Santana-Rodríguez KE1, Reyes H1. Author information Abstract OBJECTIVE: Set within the context of the 2015 International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies,and of a growing and aging world population with ever-rising healthcare needs, this perspective and mini-review focuses on photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy as an emerging, cost-effective, treatment option...

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The Miracle Molecule You Make With Light

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NASA Light Therapy Research

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The largest source of LED light therapy research is NASA.  Here is a nice synopsis of NASA light therapy research on topics ranging from enhanced athletic recovery to increased HgH production, the speeding up healing in ulcers and maximizing weight loss.  NASA-research article

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Proprioception – Keeping the brain to the body connection open

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Alignment With Light This is a wonderful article about how the alignment of our body from our teeth down is affected by light energy.  This is a powerful way to undo pain patterns in the body and keep the connection between brain and body flowing.  We have personally found this particularly effective for back pain, sciatica, nerve health, knee pain, shoulder pain, TMJ, and neck pain.  This is a profound way to use light energy to help the body align and shine....

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Benefits of The Nogier Frequencies

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