Why LumiCeuticals?

Why LumiCeuticals?

We exclusively market the harmonic light systems of LumiCeuticals and provide free educational support to all of our owners and team of distributors.  We choose to work with LumiCeuticals because of their 3 year full warranty, innovative patented design for custom frequency delivery, long-lasting medical grade delivery, and FDA clearance for pain relief and enhanced circulation.

Why LED Light? 

Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) are a form of light therapy that is a relatively recent out-growth of the laser industry.  Low Level Laser and LED light have many similarities, LED safely disperses light over a greater surface area which helps with working with larger areas of the body and multiple areas at once, including the retinal pathway, the primary way that we gather light information.

Why Pulse Light? 

Pulsed light is the most profound, safe, and non-invasive way to enlighten your cells.  Light is the finest energy that we know and has the greatest potential for carrying information.  Our modern world uses light in the form of fiber-optic cables as the fastest way to send large amounts of data.  Light is also the fastest way to deliver specifically calibrated frequencies into the body as well.  Frequency, the vibratory pattern of the way the light is being pulsed, is usually happening at a rate above which we can see, but is still perceived by the cells of our body as vibration – just like sound.    The precise combination of wavelength and frequency create a wonderful environment for nourishing and tuning the body back into health.