Perfect for Life on the Go


Handheld Portable Controller

Cordless delivery of 12 near infrared & 12 red diodes 10 frequency modes (A,B,C 1-7)


Portable Relaxation Red/Blue Eye Mask

Portable Restoration Red/Yellow/Infrared Mask

Portable Blue/Near Infrared Buster Pad


Go2  – Add One Portable Pad

Go3  – Add Two Portable Pads

Go4 – Add Three Portable Pads

*Please note only one pad connects to the controller at a time

LumiVibe Go

Cordless Controller

    • Portable, Perfect for Convenient Deep Delivery Sessions to a Specific Area & Travel
    • Rechargable Lithium Ion Battery
      Cordless Controller with 12 red and 12 near  infrared medical grade diodes
    • 10 Harmonic Settings: A, B, C, 1-7
    • Powers one portable pad at a time

LumiVibe Portable Blue Buster Pad

  • 40 Medical Grade Blue Diodes for cleansing and calming.
  • 50 Medical Grade Near Infrared Diodes for deep delivery
  • Connects exclusively to our handheld portable controller

LumiVibe Portable Relaxation Eye Mask

  •  52 Red Medical Grade diodes
  • 52 Blue Medical Grade diodes
  • Helps the nervous system shift to a relaxed state to support resting, digesting and healing


LumiVibe Portable Restoration Mask

  • 98 Medical Grade Diodes
  • 27 Red 660 nm
  • 44 Near Infrared 830 nm
  • 27 Yellow 590 nm
  • Delivers warm red light and deeply penetrating near infrared light which research has found increases nitric oxide release, oxygenation, and cellular energy production.
  • Yellow/Amber Light has been long used in color therapy and chakra work to enhance feelings of Optimism, Detachment, Flexibility, Peace, Opening and is energetically associated with vision, digestion, lymph, joints, gallbladder, detoxification, pancreas, spleen, and immunity.

LumiCeuticals makes no claims, representations or warranties regarding the ability of its products to cure, mitigate, prevent, repair or heal any disease beyond their designated FDA clearance.