Light Owner Training

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We are excited to be offering our light owners this exciting free training for getting the most out of their light systems in home and professional use.

In Idaho Falls, ID

Thursday, July 13  5pm -8pm:  Holistic Health Services 2300 N. Yellowstone Hwy Idaho Falls, ID

Friday, July 14th  8am -6pm:  Radiant Life Resources School of Massage, 1110 S. Blvd.  Idaho Falls, ID  83401


In Ft. Collins, CO

Friday, July 21 6pm -8pm

Saturday, July 22 8am – 5pm

Location for both days:  North Side Azatlan Community Center, 112 E. Willow Fort Collins, 80524
More details about the upcoming trainings:

Just following up with a little more information about our Owners Light Education Training
1st of all for all of you who have RSVP’d and will be attending thank you so very much!! If you are still considering attending please let us know asap, so that we make sure to have all the handouts and notebooks prepared for you!

The outline of our itinerary looks something like this!
Friday evening The Power of Light Presentation which includes general education regarding LED light, its background, its way of working in the body, supported by results and studies. We will also cover some basic light terms: Wave length, Hertz, nanometers color etc., and frequency as it relates to our light systems.   In Idaho Falls this will be the portion of our training that is open to the public and people interested in learning more about light and experiencing a free light energy session are welcome to attend from 6-8pm.

On Saturday we will cover product identification: The different Controllers,Pads (diodes,wavelengths, shapes, names, etc.) How to care for your equipment and how to report issues. Warranty etc.
We will discuss the appropriate and legal language of Light. The FDA clearance and what that means.
And then we will do hands on Training, which will include pad placement and frequency. The way Light impacts the body, cellular use of light, Nitric Oxide ATP,DNA, and Oxygenation. Also the way the body receives harmonic light: eye/brain/pineal, transdermal, aura/energy field
We will go over the basic settings a,b,c, 1-7, Advance Frequencies, what is a sweep, 3 port, 6 port and Lumi grow6 option.
We plan to go over the Alignment protocol, hydration, and mineral usage, as well remote and long distance light sessions.

We would like us to be able to share stories and experiences a well.
Finally we will cover the setting up of a practice and the business options available to all light system owners, which will include the Ambassador Agreement, Commission Plan , and growing our team!

We plan on having several light stations set up in the back of the room, so people can use the lights during our time together.  Self Care is so important.


Marta DeBerard QLEC & Shirley Joffs QLEC in Idaho Falls.

Melody Masters C.N. Iridologist & Marta DeBerard QLEC  in Ft. Collins.