The LumiVibe Flex3

Our Flexible Relax & Relieve Starter System


Standard system includes:

3 Port Controller
Relaxation Eye Mask
Red/Infrared Body Pad

LumiVibe Flex3 Controller

  • LumiVibe3 Controller with 3 ports
  • Offers 24 frequencies in 10 Harmonic Settings: A, B, C, 1-7
  • Learn more about frequency possibilities here

Relaxation Eye Mask

  • 54 Red Medical Grade Diodes
  • 54 Blue Medical Grade Diodes
  • Shift your body from stress to rest.
  • Designed to be placed over closed eyes but works anywhere on the body

Red/Infrared Body Pad

  • 120 Red Medical Grade Diodes
  • 144 Infrared Medical Grade Diodes
  • FDA Cleared for Pain Relief and Enhanced Circulation
  • Soft and flexible for comfort delivery throughout the body including the head, back, belly, legs, shoulder, knees and feet
  • Delivers the warm, rejuvenating power of red light
  • Deep penetration delivery of near-infrared light