Listen To This Audio While You Do Your First Light Session

Listen to this audio while you experience your light energy session.  It is a soothing explanation of how light energy naturally works in the body to nourish, de-stress and support balance.    It is also a wonderful way to help you relax and enjoy your session.



Open Your Energy Centers for Better Health – Chakra Clearing Audio


Listen to this audio while experiencing a relaxation, balancing or chakra clearing session.  You can use our chakra wands or our pads.




Our Latest Webinar about the Power of Harmonic Light


Watch here for Powerful Information about Harmonic Light


Getting Started Basics:  How to open up your rental or purchase and start shining

Living the GoLightLadies-5od Life Naturally Podcast

A fun, informative discussion on how light energy works and how the body responds with better energy, focus, relaxation, and sleep, not to mention more beautiful and glowing skin.   With radio show host Kristen Bowen and light energy coaches Marta and Shirley.

Living the Good Life Naturally Radio Show Interview on Nitric Oxide and Light Energy


How does light effect the amount of miracle molecule Nitric Oxide in our bodies? Marta is interviewed by Kristen Bowen on her talk show Living the Good Life Naturally on KVNU 610AM and 102.1FM