Our Story

Over 9 years ago some trusted friends shared with us how light could increase circulation, support the body’s healing response and relieve pain. We saw that it was working well for these friends as they looked younger and were more vibrant and pain free but it wasn’t until my father had a lower leg blood clot that we discovered how powerful harmonic light therapy could be for our family.

My 75 year old father developed an open wound from the intense swelling from the clot. He was put on blood thinners, told to avoid exercise, counseled to go to the ER quickly if infection set in and given the expectation that limited recovery within six months might be possible. My husband thought he would never ski again. We were scared and looking for a more proactive approach to help him return to normal activity as soon as possible and avoid future escalating issues as well.

My mother remembered learning about how red and infrared light increased circulation and cell regeneration and she had our friends send the lights right away. My father was able to easily and comfortably apply the light pads several times a day and he noticed right away that the inflammation was decreasing. We were happy to have blue light to use as well to help keep the wound clear of infection. My father felt himself healing every day. Within a few weeks he felt good enough to exercise and within a few months he was able to downhill ski and over six years later, he continues to be active and healthy without any medications. We have been amazed at the results. 

Impressed, my mother started using his lights and aches and pains in her feet and back went away. She was sleeping better, more hopeful and had better range of motion and energy. My children loved using the lights and I felt a great sense of stress reduction and lower back pain relief. The harmonic lights have become the favorite wellness tool for our whole family. Our results have been phenomenal.

We were fascinated by all the validating research that seems to increase daily. We studied and learned more about how light works to support the body’s natural healing reponse, we learned how light could be pulsed at frequencies that deepened the health support and we realized that this was something we had to let other people know about too. We set out to light up our community with awareness of this non-invasive and economical modality. We became more hopeful that we could help to bring a greater awareness of how light innately helps to nourish and tune us to be more vibrant and healthy in mind, body and spirit. We are now part of a quickly growing world wide awareness of how to support healing at every level by shining with light. We invite you to join us, we hope that you too will Shine With Light.

Our mission is to help people achieve their highest

potential through the power of light.

We are committed to

Amazing results with cutting-edge technology

Lasting quality and fantastic customer service

Authentic personal connections

A win/win business model that

benefits everyone

The synergy of working together for

a cause that benefits all.

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Certified in light energy and nutrition counseling and with over 35 years experience in the wellness industry, we provide education, service and leadership. Our ambassador team offers:

  • Education About How Light Energy Works – ask us about attending or hosting a fun 1 hour seminar or light energy demonstration

  • Light System Sessions:   Experience a 20-40 minute session with a practitioner or through long distance quantum transmission.  Get a Free Remote Session

  • Light System Rentals:  Rent a system for 2 weeks to discover how powerful it is to give you and your family or clients access to sessions with our state of the art equipment daily.  Try a System For Two Weeks

  • Light System Ownership:  Light Energy is the best bargain for your wellness toolbox and a powerful tool.  We offer amazing service, on-going education and promotions. Check Out Our Products.

  • Direct Sales and Team Earning Opportunities:   Be a part of an exciting growth industry as we spread light to the world. Learn about our LumiCeutical Compensation Plan

Our Ambassador Team has exclusive rights to distribute LumiCeuticals harmonic light systems in North America.

We provide cutting edge products, service, education and leadership.

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