We have been using and sharing our Light Energy Systems for almost 6  years.  We never cease to be amazed how people respond to light energy so quickly and easily.  It is truly amazing to watch someone just finishing their light session.  They look so relaxed, so at home.   Here are some of the comments we have received.

The Response over 300 People Had To Their FIRST 20 Minute Light Session:

  • 91% rank the experience a 7 or higher on a scale of 1 to 10
  • 40% rate the session a perfect 10.
  • 94% report feeling more relaxed
  • 22% report feeling less pain
  • 52% report feeling lighter
  • 30% report feeling happier
  • 25% report feeling energized

This is just the feedback after 1 session.  Imagine using these lights on a regular basis.  


  • “Amazing”
  • “Great Experience”
  • “Very Relaxing”
  • “Sacred, relaxing experience.”
  • “Amazing energy.”
  • “I feel rejuvenated – my cells more alive.”
  • “I felt like I was on a beach with the sun shining down on me.”
  • “Very Interesting.  Worth trying.”
  • “I loved it.”
  • “Wonderful.”
  • “Felt Great.”
  • Sample size:  341 waivers  for 1-10 rating of the session
  • 151 waivers that marked feedback of the way they felt afterward

From Practitioners:

An unpublished case study:  What has been observed and documented at The Therapeutic Learning Center of Utah on 586 patients with use of our Light System in the spring of 2014.  Typical patients experienced 20 minute B setting sessions of light during the study time period.   A minimum of 4 sessions was typical.  Their blood was tested before and after and charts reviewed.

  • 56 patients reported acceleration of the healing processes of wounds, burns, and skin issues like pustules.
  • 148 patients reported 50 to 75% reduction in pain.
  • 220 patients were able to discontinue their anti-depressant medication while under direct supervision.
  • 20 patients that experienced social anxiety reported less isolation to home and increased motivation and ability to engage in family and church activities.
  • 18 patients, whose lab studies showed decreased Glutathione levels and associated debilitating fatigue showed 50 % increase in Glutathione and a 15 to 25% increase in energy.
  • 10 patients experiencing extreme anxiety and panic attacks, refractory to medications were prevented from having hospitalization.
  • 6 patients with ADHD and experiencing learning problems reported increased focus, concentration, and memory. They also reported improved school grades and relationships. No medications used

Overall Dr. Foster, APRN, PhD and the licensed massage therapist that she works with, Ally Sanchez, found that these “light systems gave us the ability to work with individual patients and multiple health imbalances with unprecedented ease, speed and precision.”

  • I LOVE my lights!! I don’t get my own foot zones as often as I’d like … So I put the lights on between zones & they extend the benefits of the zone. I rent out 2 machines to clients… They LOVE being able to use them several times a day & saving money! & at the same time I’m making money without spending my time. My double chin has shrunk & I can see the tops of my eyelids again! I had an attack of diverticulitis… Putting the lights on reduced the pain in just 15 min… The inflammation & bloating decreased & I was able to sleep! Love these lights!! Brad Zoned me last night while I had the lights on & commented on how well they worked with the zone & how much better the energy flowed.    Trudy T.,  Foot Zone Therapist


  •  I am a 36 year old mother of 2.  I am 100% sure about the effectiveness of this light system as it has been instrumental in health and healing for me and my family.  From everything to mood concentration to helping with sprains and bruising, light has had a noticeable impact on our health.     I’ve had very good luck with neuropathy, pain related to scoliosis, thyroid function, digestion, acne, and depression/mood disorders among others.    – Katie, Cosmetician, Foot Zone Therapist


  • “ I felt relaxed and slept well the first night I used them.  Because I hosted a workshop, I was allowed to keep the lights for a week’s free rental.  What a blessing in my life!  My daughter and I used them twice every day.  How I missed them when they went back.   I have since purchased my own set of lights.  I now use them every day (so does my daughter) and we use them for daily use and in times of trauma or illness or even sore muscles – what an incredible tool!  I also use them in my foot zone practice and when I receive a foot zone.  I’ve noticed that with the lights, the zone is much more effective.  Where the zone re-introduces the blueprint for the perfect cell back into the cell division, the lights support that with an increase of Nitric Oxide, they increase circulation – both blood and lymph, they relieve inflammation, they allow the autonomic nervous system to take over, and they increase the vibration of the person.  All in all, they are an amazing tool for healing, from injuries to chronic pain, to fatigue.”  – Janet, Foot Zone Therapist
  • The combination of opening up the lymphatic system with Manual Lymph Drainage and these Lights combined with massage therapy and energy balancing are producing results that the other practitioners in the spa with similar training and years of experience aren’t even coming close to what I am generating!   In De-Light!”  – Rebecca, Health Coach and LMT


  • I love my lights!”  – S. Boyd, Foot Zone Therapist


Individual Clients:

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your kindness, professionalism and absolute knowledge of the science behind the power of light. Thank you for your willingness to share with me and Sherry far beyond the 1 hour session that you were obligated too. As a health care professional myself, I have a passion for holistic medicine, but I need to see the science that I know exists. Therefore, thank you for answering my many questions.    During our training session you asked what drives my passion.  If I may, I would like to share our story with you in a shorten version.  We have a 19 year son (Jarrett) who was diagnosed with Autism at age 3 or 4. We as parents dedicated our lives to doing all we could do and leaving the short fall in the hands of our Heavenly Father.

Jarret struggled through 10 hours a day of various types of therapy such as ABA, Theory of mind and having his parent or a tutor with him at all times.   Jarrett has made great strides over the years, which we will be forever grateful. For his tutors, family, friends, holistic practitioners and MD’S who would listen to us. Most of all Heavenly Father who kept his part of the deal.  Today, Jarrett has graduated from mainstream school with a 3.78 GPA, Drives a car, is capable to going skiing on his own for the day and is a fantastic motorcycle rider. Most of all he is fun to “hang out with.”

Early this past spring, we had an opportunity to learn about this light system and to try it. During the long drive home my wife had inquired about my asthma. I questioned her and she reminded me that I was complaining about a flare up before trying the light system. Well, I can just say I had forgotten about it. To be honest I didn’t think too much about it.

Our son Jarrett made a comment a couple of days later how well he had slept the night he used the light system. Both my wife and I looked at each other and said me too.  Interesting.  However, more important was several weeks later when Jarrett’s State of Utah DSPD case manager and several other people were having an IDT meeting at our home and had asked to meet with Jarrett. They talked to him for quite some time asking questions about services etc.

Jarrett stopped everyone and said if you really want to help me “get me that light system.”  Puzzled they ask why. He went on a 10 min “marketing” speech of how this system helped him to be able to sleep but more importantly help with his anxiety. This was the first anyone including us (his parents) knew anything about his struggled with anxiety. Jarret told this IDT meeting members how he was able to get up in the morning attend school and not have any problems.

This was the beginning of our quest to obtain an Elan system. Not having the funds to buy, we were determined to find a way to do so.  I mentioned to you Marta that we were eventually able to get our insurance company and our State DSPD to cover the entire cost of the light system.

Moving the clock forward several months, we have now used the system rather extensively and have seen amazing results. Jarrett who’s outlook on life has changed. His confidence level has increased, little anxiety, his Impatience/anger management has decreased 50%. Sleeping habits have improved and most amazing is that Jarrett without failure will come to bedroom each night to have a small devotional/scripture study/prayers as an active participant….. guess light has other abilities!!

My wife is faithful in daily use. From my perspective she complains less about headaches, hot flashes, she does not have to soak her feet nearly as often (yes.. this is a big deal) and most of all I see the calm confident women I married.

For myself and with your help, my anxiety is gone!! What a new outlook on life.

I have been working on Liver/kidney issues and can feel changes happening. In fact I passed a stone this last week while giving a talk to the Boy Scouts at a large camp fire program. Not to say this will work for everyone, but it helped me out. And for that old male prostate curse, we’ll all I can say is hooray for the flow. The light in just two weeks worked better than anything I have tried.

I am convinced of the power of light, without question.  Thank you again for getting us started in the “light” direction.       –  W. Walker, Salt Lake City, Utah

  • My daughter is on the autism spectrum and I would say that one big thing is that she enjoys doing the lights.  She asks to do them every night before bed.  In the 6 months we have owned our lights we are seeing more language from her, her sentences in conversation have become more complex and precise.  I noticed a significant difference in her bowel activity and she is gaining weight.  We haven’t seen her gain weight in probably 2 years, so this is significant.   – T. Duffin,  North Logan, UT


  • From the 1st session I felt a reaction response in my body like nothing I had ever experienced before. The closest thing I could equate it to was my meditation practice in restorative yoga. Initially I got a surge of energy as my body was beginning to repair from being under extreme stress for the past 7 years due to a life threatening illness my husband was dealing with. Then after a few weeks of B session 2x per day I began to see changes in my ability to reach a very deep sleep state. Since menopause 15 years ago my sleep was interrupted and very shallow. The slightest disturbance would have me awakened for hours. Now I sleep more like I did in my 20’s. Many nights I will sleep 8 hours without waking and if I do wake I am able to go right back to sleep without the racing mind of tomorrow’s “to do” list. Being able to sleep soundly is priceless! Most recently I have noticed my ability to focus and follow through on goals has shifted. I have always been a very driven self starter but with the stress of my husbands illness have only been able to do what was absolutely necessary to get through the day. I also know the lights can shift me out of a negative state when ever things are not going the way I would like them to. At these times I STOP doing and get on the lights and rebalance my system then proceed. The healing path is a journey with many layers to uncover. I had changed so many things in my life to assist my body’s own healing mechanism and I believe this light/ frequency system is a key component to speeding up that process. I am so encouraged that I now have this incredible tool that is helping guide my body back to vibrant health.     Tamara, Austin, TX


  • We had taken part in a 6 month medical trial of  light therapy for Parkinson’s disease.   After the trial time we had to return the research lights and we were not given the opportunity to keep using or purchase them.  We had been wanting to find light therapy that would give us the same benefit that we had noticed in the trial program.  We knew that light therapy worked from the trial, in fact Scott was only known by number but he was known as the guy who before the lights was not able to ride his horses and after the trial was riding them again. Scott was able to ride again and after using these lights is now actually training some young horses again which he has not been able to do in several years.  With these lights he feels like he has the balance strength and stamina to train a horse again. (This is a DREAM COME TRUE!)  The lights have also helped with sleep, digestion, nausea, and he doesn’t shuffle his feet when he walks anymore. He just all over feels better.  We have felt like these lights added another dimension to the lights that we had used in the trial and had to return.  We tried the lights for the purpose of helping Scott but after learning about all the things that it helps with, I decided to try them too.  I was amazed at  how much more energy I had and how well I slept, I also just felt better.    Sounds crazy I know but I would like to encourage everyone to at least give it a try and see for yourself.  Can’t hurt right., and if you feel better what a bonus.  Scott and Syndee Christensen, Preston, ID and  Proud users of the lights.


  • Wonderfully relaxing.”  Wyatt


  • “Thank you.  I love that the laws of science and the light of Christ have merged.”   Stephanie


  • I felt immediate pin point connection to pain parts.  Yes, symptoms have shifted.  I feel so relaxed, happier, lighter.”    Karen


  • I received a beautiful experience of pure relaxation.  I loved it!” – Stephanie S.


  • It was so amazing, I immediately felt the energy and my body shifting into alignment .  It was so relaxing but I could feel myself healing on a cellular level. “   Amy H. Providence, UT


  • “I love using the lights.  I have really focused on improving my eye sight.  I have used the lights for more than a year now and my sight is 80% better than it was before I began using the lights.  I have had to get a new prescription for my glasses 3 times since I began using the lights. Since my eyes are doing so much better I don’t need as strong of a prescription. My optometrist was extremely surprised.”  – Karen H, Wellsville, UT


  • My family has a long history of gout.  I had a flare up involving both knees.  While both knees hurt, I wanted to test the lights and only treated my right knee.  Within 2 hours the pain in the right knee was gone.  The pain in the left knee continued to get worse.  After two days I could hardly walk on my left leg so we went back to get lights on the left knee.  It took two sessions over two days for my body to dispose of the uric acid stored in and around the knee.  As a result of the success of light sessions, we purchased a set and use them regularly.  I am able to enjoy dancing with my wife.  My wife has also found relief with the lights.  Before lights, she would have pain walking over 1.5 miles.  Since she has been using the lights, her knees don’t bother her anymore and we walk our 3 mile walk pain free.”  L. Foster,  Preston, ID


  • My husband has been using these lights for several weeks now and has had amazing results! He had severe sores on his feet for nearly nine months and through daily use of the lights, his foot is completely healed. He has also suffered with loss of sensation and a lot of muscle cramping and tenderness. He is nearly pain free now and can sleep through the night! He has also said that he feels so much calmer and in a better mood since using the lights. Overall, the lights have been extremely beneficial and we highly recommend them!!  – K. Truman, Logan, UT


  • “Improvement in all 7 energy systems.  Improvement in the thymus area, Conduits of light opened up, Brain connections increased, Feeling more grounded, More connected to God
    Sluggish body parts were energized”  – S. Stallings


  • I tried the lights for the first time almost a year ago, after we had moved to Idaho.  Winter was coming and I was nervous that along with the dark and cold days would come tiredness, lack of motivation, blues and depression like I had experienced every year, even in sunny Texas.  My husband was nervous too about how I would handle living in a place that is winter for so much of the year.  When I tried the lights I felt energized, peaceful and more alive.  I decided to rent them to try for a few weeks and I kept feeling better.  My kids loved them too. I felt like it was an answer to prayer and I have continued to use the light every day to help me stay healthy emotionally and physically. It makes sense to me that light is an important element and nutrient in our health like clean water and air and good food, one that is difficult to get enough of nowadays.   My family can tell a difference in me, and it’s making a difference in my stress level and relationships. My kids have learned to use the lights whenever they get an injury, need help to get focused and peaceful, or feel sickness coming on.  It has been a life saver for my energy in pregnancy, and this past winter none of us caught colds or viruses – the lights were our main go to for prevention. It has also helped with my eczema.  I have since learned that they help with so much more than winter blues and started sharing with others. I have seen people heal long standing health issues and imbalances with the help of the lights. I have seen amazing things.    A. Humphries.   Idaho