A couple I know had a few days left before embarking on an extended cross country trip in their RV earlier this summer. His knee had suddenly gone out of commission. Both had previously experienced the initial relaxation session and really took to the frequency concepts. They called me to get the help needed via Lights!  He stated that he felt there was a great deal of emotion behind his ailment and he needed help he could afford and would quickly put him back in buiness. I must admit their confidence was a boost to my own.

He arduously limped in from the car to start his first of 4 days in a row of recommended alignment sessions, followed by minutes of #2, #4 and mostly #6…for that “shift” he needed. Upon completion of the first day’s run, he stood up straight, unassisted and bore weight on the knee. His amazement and relief, despite his faith in the Lights from the get go; reminded me of my own reaction time after time. He returned each of the 4 days to reinforce and assure 100%. And that he was. And very happy too.

Following his last day’s session, he installed the water purification system he brought for me, which was the trade we’d agreed on. I stopped to say goodbye a couple of days later, as he was busily engaged in fine-tuning his RV for the trip, with no sign of distress.

Kari G. Knee Pain Success Story