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Harmonic Light sessions are innately relaxing and rejuvenating. Our light pads send warm light directly into the body to increase circulation and relieve pain while the nervous system easily shifts to rest, digest and heal. Harmonic Light is quantum energy and can also be sent long distance with surprising effectiveness. Our systems are FDA Over The Counter cleared for safe use at home or can be experienced at a practitioner's office.




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Light System 2 Week Trial

Try a system daily at home for fourteen days and discover the true power and convenience of Harmonic Light therapy. Your entire family and even clients can also experience sessions during this time to help you see the amazing value of this state of the art equipment.

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Light System Ownership

Owning your own Harmonic Light system is a powerful way to support optimal health in mind, body and spirit. We love how your whole family can experience relaxing and profoundly beneficial sessions for only pennies a day. Practitioners find it supports their personal health journey and enhances the success of their clients. With a three year warranty and free educational support, we are confident you will love being a part of our owner community.

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Disclaimer: our Light Energy Systems support the body’s natural ability to heal. We do not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent disease. Any information given in this guide should not be considered as a treatment, mitigation, fx, cure or repair for any disease, nor is it to be used as a replacement for qualifed medical advice. A qualifed medical professional should be consulted with regard to any condition requiring medical attention.