We had taken part in a 6 month medical trial of  light therapy for Parkinson’s disease.   After the trial time we had to return the research lights and we were not given the opportunity to keep using or purchase them.  We had been wanting to find light therapy that would give us the same benefit that we had noticed in the trial program.  We knew that light therapy worked from the trial, in fact Scott was only known by number but he was known as the guy who before the lights was not able to ride his horses and after the trial was riding them again. Scott was able to ride again and after using these lights is now actually training some young horses again which he has not been able to do in several years.  With these lights he feels like he has the balance strength and stamina to train a horse again. (This is a DREAM COME TRUE!)  The lights have also helped with sleep, digestion, nausea, and he doesn’t shuffle his feet when he walks anymore. He just all over feels better.  We have felt like these lights added another dimension to the lights that we had used in the trial and had to return.  We tried the lights for the purpose of helping Scott but after learning about all the things that it helps with, I decided to try them too.  I was amazed at  how much more energy I had and how well I slept, I also just felt better.    Sounds crazy I know but I would like to encourage everyone to at least give it a try and see for yourself.  Can’t hurt right., and if you feel better what a bonus.

Scott and Syndee Christensen, Preston, ID – Proud users of the lights,