I have a friend who’s husband cut his fingers with a table saw. They wanted to amputate but they talked one doctor into trying to save his fingers. They were really concerned about a certain part of his thumb that needed the tissue to pink up (circulation) in order to save his thumb. They rented lights and Marta helped me with a special protocol that included doing 6 sessions a day, lights snacking instead of meals. Almost two weeks later his thumb has complete circulation! Such good news, he has a long recovery and more surgery to go but it was just so exciting to see the lights work so fast. As a side note her daughter also got in a car accident a couple of days ago and thankfully had the lights for a big bump on her head. So good for mom/wife to have the lights too since it has been a little stressful as you can imagine. Love, Love, Love the lights!!
Torrie M. – Circulation Improvement