Karen and I have been working together since October. My journey with childhood trauma issues, c-ptsd, multi-systemic candida, general inflammation, etc… have all been brought into consideration as she chooses the proper protocol of healing.

I’ve believed in body, mind, spirit approaches for decades. That said, I’ve done a plethora of natural work over the years to deal with various health challenges. Since October, I’ve incorporated CBD oil and in November Light Therapy (remotely). I’ve always had healing responses with each session. And as we’ve peeled back the layers of pain, we’ve gotten deeper into the root causes.

We will continue to work, as needed. However, the improvement we’ve made is so significant! I am thinking more clearly and feel more whole than I have in a very long time. Some pain issues have improved and parts of my personality are back that I have missed. I am deeply grateful for Karen and her work. I definitely recommend her if the universe has guided you here. May your journey be filled with light.
Karen L. Client Success Story