I felt relaxed and slept well the first night I used them.  Because I hosted a workshop, I was allowed to keep the lights for a week’s free rental.  What a blessing in my life!  My daughter and I used them twice every day.  How I missed them when they went back.   I have since purchased my own set of lights.  I now use them every day (so does my daughter) and we use them for daily use and in times of trauma or illness or even sore muscles – what an incredible tool!  I also use them in my foot zone practice and when I receive a foot zone.  I’ve noticed that with the lights, the zone is much more effective.  Where the zone re-introduces the blueprint for the perfect cell back into the cell division, the lights support that with an increase of Nitric Oxide, they increase circulation – both blood and lymph, they relieve inflammation, they allow the autonomic nervous system to take over, and they increase the vibration of the person.  All in all, they are an amazing tool for healing, from injuries to chronic pain, to fatigue.

Janet – Foot Zone Therapist