For about 5 years I have been having ultrasounds on my thyroid. I had to have a hysterectomy about 12 years ago and they removed my ovaries even though they were healthy. It really threw my balance off and I had terrible hot flashes within a month. I began the journey of herbs and accupuncture since we have history of breast cancer.

My thyroid enlarged right away and a few nodules developed. They wanted to remove it but my son is a cancer radiologist at the Mayo Clinic. He had his co-worker look at the ultrasound and they saw no reason to remove my thyroid. They said if in the rare circumstance the nodules became cancerous you would remove the nodules.

I began having ultrasounds and blood work every 6 months. My hormones all registered near zero and I felt like everything was working together against my body. While serving a mission in Thailand, my hot flashes were sooooo bad and my hair was nearly gone within a few months.
I found a Thai Herbalist and he helped me with my hair fall, and my hot flashes with a pill I took 6 times a day. He said it was hormones combined with thyroid. My tests never came back with great numbers but I was surviving on a prayer.

Back in America I started on bio identicals which helped the hot flashes but gave me some anxiety. My sleep habits had been terrible especially since my hysterectomy. I read and laid for hours sometimes never sleeping all night or only a couple of hours. We traveled nearly every weekend on assignment so I don’t know how I found the energy to keep up with everything we were asked to do.

Now I have concentrated on getting my enlarged thyroid to improve and get my hormones balanced. Even when the bio identicals helped with hot flashes I could never get the sleep I needed. I have to exercise, jog and put in a really full day to feel like I didn’t dread going to bed to lie awake another night.
I tried the Elan Lights at my sister’s (Joan Nykamp) home on a visit. I felt so relaxed I didn’t want to get up. That night I slept all night and went to sleep quite fast. I had put in a long day but I hoped that the lights had calmed me and helped me sleep. The next night the same thing happened. I felt so rested, something I had not experienced in years. We rented the machine the next week. I have felt more healthy than I have for years. I used the autoimmune,(47) the inflammation,(2) hot flashes (122) adrenal balance (124) and several others. They all feel great.

I had my follow up appointment with Utah Natural Medicine. We were hoping to get my hormones balanced and ideas on what my thyroid issues were in 6-12 months. My first appointment after blood work all my numbers were perfect on hormones and thyroid. Dr. Burnett was amazed. I told her about the lights and how much better I was sleeping. Maybe my body was finally able to relax and start to heal itself.
Now I am cutting back on the bio identicals and using a hormone with flax seed oil and a few other supplements. I also realize that if my thyroid is still enlarged I am taking supplements to see if with daily use of the lights and some thyroid support my thyroid might shrink some. ( They ruled out hypo and hyper thyroid as well as hashimotos. They are not sure what happened)

I wanted to share these experiences in hopes that others may have hope, or learn something that might assist them in issues with hormones and thyroid. I know sooo many women suffering with both of these issues. If my thyroid starts to shrink I will know for a surety that the lights and current are helping heal my body.

THANKS to Marta and Shirley for your concern and help with my questions. It has been a great blessing to me. I hope the lights help everyone as much as they have helped me!!!


Darlene S. Hormone, Thyroid, Sleep Success Story