From the 1st session I felt a reaction response in my body like nothing I had ever experienced before. The closest thing I could equate it to was my meditation practice in restorative yoga. Initially I got a surge of energy as my body was beginning to repair from being under extreme stress for the past 7 years due to a life threatening illness my husband was dealing with. Then after a few weeks of B session 2x per day I began to see changes in my ability to reach a very deep sleep state. Since menopause 15 years ago my sleep was interrupted and very shallow. The slightest disturbance would have me awakened for hours. Now I sleep more like I did in my 20’s. Many nights I will sleep 8 hours without waking and if I do wake I am able to go right back to sleep without the racing mind of tomorrow’s “to do” list. Being able to sleep soundly is priceless! Most recently I have noticed my ability to focus and follow through on goals has shifted. I have always been a very driven self starter but with the stress of my husbands illness have only been able to do what was absolutely necessary to get through the day. I also know the lights can shift me out of a negative state when ever things are not going the way I would like them to. At these times I STOP doing and get on the lights and rebalance my system then proceed. The healing path is a journey with many layers to uncover. I had changed so many things in my life to assist my body’s own healing mechanism and I believe this light/ frequency system is a key component to speeding up that process. I am so encouraged that I now have this incredible tool that is helping guide my body back to vibrant health.

Tamara – Mood, Sleep