I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your kindness, professionalism and absolute knowledge of the science behind the power of light. Thank you for your willingness to share with me and Sherry far beyond the 1 hour session that you were obligated too. As a health care professional myself, I have a passion for holistic medicine, but I need to see the science that I know exists. Therefore, thank you for answering my many questions.    During our training session you asked what drives my passion.  If I may, I would like to share our story with you in a shorten version.  We have a 19 year son (Jarrett) who was diagnosed with Autism at age 3 or 4. We as parents dedicated our lives to doing all we could do and leaving the short fall in the hands of our Heavenly Father.

Jarret struggled through 10 hours a day of various types of therapy such as ABA, Theory of mind and having his parent or a tutor with him at all times.   Jarrett has made great strides over the years, which we will be forever grateful. For his tutors, family, friends, holistic practitioners and MD’S who would listen to us. Most of all Heavenly Father who kept his part of the deal.  Today, Jarrett has graduated from mainstream school with a 3.78 GPA, Drives a car, is capable to going skiing on his own for the day and is a fantastic motorcycle rider. Most of all he is fun to “hang out with.”

Early this past spring, we had an opportunity to learn about this light system and to try it. During the long drive home my wife had inquired about my asthma. I questioned her and she reminded me that I was complaining about a flare up before trying the light system. Well, I can just say I had forgotten about it. To be honest I didn’t think too much about it.

Our son Jarrett made a comment a couple of days later how well he had slept the night he used the light system. Both my wife and I looked at each other and said me too.  Interesting.  However, more important was several weeks later when Jarrett’s State of Utah DSPD case manager and several other people were having an IDT meeting at our home and had asked to meet with Jarrett. They talked to him for quite some time asking questions about services etc.

Jarrett stopped everyone and said if you really want to help me “get me that light system.”  Puzzled they ask why. He went on a 10 min “marketing” speech of how this system helped him to be able to sleep but more importantly help with his anxiety. This was the first anyone including us (his parents) knew anything about his struggled with anxiety. Jarret told this IDT meeting members how he was able to get up in the morning attend school and not have any problems.

This was the beginning of our quest to obtain an Elan system. Not having the funds to buy, we were determined to find a way to do so.  I mentioned to you Marta that we were eventually able to get our insurance company and our State DSPD to cover the entire cost of the light system.

Moving the clock forward several months, we have now used the system rather extensively and have seen amazing resultsJarrett who’s outlook on life has changed. His confidence level has increased, little anxiety, his Impatience/anger management has decreased 50%. Sleeping habits have improved and most amazing is that Jarrett without failure will come to bedroom each night to have a small devotional/scripture study/prayers as an active participant….. guess light has other abilities!!

My wife is faithful in daily use. From my perspective she complains less about headaches, hot flashes, she does not have to soak her feet nearly as often (yes.. this is a big deal) and most of all I see the calm confident women I married.

For myself and with your help, my anxiety is gone!! What a new outlook on life.

I have been working on Liver/kidney issues and can feel changes happening. In fact I passed a stone this last week while giving a talk to the Boy Scouts at a large camp fire program. Not to say this will work for everyone, but it helped me out. And for that old male prostate curse, we’ll all I can say is hooray for the flow. The light in just two weeks worked better than anything I have tried.

I am convinced of the power of light, without question.  Thank you again for getting us started in the “light” direction.

W. Walker – Parent of Autistic Child