Between 2012-2014 Jim suffered a series of traumatic brain injuries. Since then he has experienced daily pain, sensitivity to light, intolerance of noise, disorientation in public places and a quick temper. He also developed blinding and crippling migraines associated with changes in the weather. I recently heard a doctor describe all of these symptoms as products of scar tissue that binds the plates of the skull. This “frozen skull syndrome” restricts the natural movement of the plates resulting in tremendous pressure and toxin build up around the brain. His recommended solution was light therapy to soften the scar tissue.

Jim has had a light session every week the last two months. After being housebound all winter and spring he is working again! He doesn’t have blinding migraines any more. He is able to spend time with his wife and three preschool children. When the weather changes he can feel the pressure start to build. He comes for a session right away. Every single time his symptoms of pain, pressure and disorientation are immediately resolved.

Light is working miracles in his life! Thank you for providing this great tool for healing!