My family has a long history of gout. I had a flare up involving both knees. While both knees hurt, I wanted to test the lights and only treated my right knee. Within 2 hours the pain in the right knee was gone. The pain in the left knee continued to get worse. After two days I could hardly walk on my left leg so we went back to get lights on the left knee. It took two sessions over two days for my body to dispose of the uric acid stored in and around the knee. As a result of the success of light sessions, we purchased a set and use them regularly. I am able to enjoy dancing with my wife. My wife has also found relief with the lights. Before lights, she would have pain walking over 1.5 miles. Since she has been using the lights, her knees don’t bother her anymore and we walk our 3 mile walk pain free.

L. Foster – Gout Relief