I tried the lights for the first time almost a year ago, after we had moved to Idaho.  Winter was coming and I was nervous that along with the dark and cold days would come tiredness, lack of motivation, blues and depression like I had experienced every year, even in sunny Texas.  My husband was nervous too about how I would handle living in a place that is winter for so much of the year.  When I tried the lights I felt energized, peaceful and more alive.  I decided to rent them to try for a few weeks and I kept feeling better.  My kids loved them too. I felt like it was an answer to prayer and I have continued to use the light every day to help me stay healthy emotionally and physically. It makes sense to me that light is an important element and nutrient in our health like clean water and air and good food, one that is difficult to get enough of nowadays.   My family can tell a difference in me, and it’s making a difference in my stress level and relationships. My kids have learned to use the lights whenever they get an injury, need help to get focused and peaceful, or feel sickness coming on.  It has been a life saver for my energy in pregnancy, and this past winter none of us caught colds or viruses – the lights were our main go to for prevention. It has also helped with my eczema.  I have since learned that they help with so much more than winter blues and started sharing with others. I have seen people heal long standing health issues and imbalances with the help of the lights. I have seen amazing things.

A. Humphries, Idaho – Mood, Illness, Eczema