Lumi Vibe Flex 3

Our Flexible Relax & Relieve Starter System

Standard System Includes:

  • 3 Port Controller with Settings ABC and 1-7
  • Relaxation Red/Blue Eye Mask
  • Red/Infrared Body Pad

LumiVibe Flex3 Controller

  • LumiVibe3 Controller with 3 ports
  • Offers 24 frequencies in 10 Harmonic Settings: A, B, C, 1-7
  • Learn more about frequency possibilities here

LumiVibe Go2  Relaxation Eye Mask

  • 52 Red Medical Grade diodes
  • 52 Blue Medical Grade diodes
  • Connects exclusively to the cordless controller
  • Shift your body from stress to rest.
  • Designed to be placed over closed eyes but works anywhere on the body

Red/Infrared Body Pad

  • 120 Red Medical Grade Diodes
  • 144 Infrared Medical Grade Diodes
  • FDA Cleared for Pain Relief and Enhanced Circulation
  • Soft and flexible for comfort delivery throughout the body including the head, back, belly, legs, shoulder, knees and feet
  • Delivers the warm, rejuvenating power of red light
  • Deep penetration delivery of near-infrared light

What Others Are Saying

“My daughter is on the autism spectrum and I would say that one big thing is that she enjoys doing the lights.  She asks to do them every night before bed.  In the 6 months we have owned our lights we are seeing more language from her, her sentences in conversation have become more complex and precise.  I noticed a significant difference in her bowel activity and she is gaining weight.  We haven’t seen her gain weight in probably 2 years, so this is significant.”   – T. Duffin,  North Logan, UT

It was so amazing, I immediately felt the energy and my body shifting into alignment .  It was so relaxing but I could feel myself healing on a cellular level. “   Amy H. Providence, UT

“Thank you.  I love that the laws of science and the light of Christ have merged.”   Stephanie

“I love using the lights.  I have really focused on improving my eye sight.  I have used the lights for more than a year now and my sight is 80% better than it was before I began using the lights.  I have had to get a new prescription for my glasses 3 times since I began using the lights. Since my eyes are doing so much better I don’t need as strong of a prescription. My optometrist was extremely surprised.”  – Karen H, Wellsville, UT

“My husband has been using these lights for several weeks now and has had amazing results! He had severe sores on his feet for nearly nine months and through daily use of the lights, his foot is completely healed. He has also suffered with loss of sensation and a lot of muscle cramping and tenderness. He is nearly pain free now and can sleep through the night! He has also said that he feels so much calmer and in a better mood since using the lights. Overall, the lights have been extremely beneficial and we highly recommend them!!  “

– K. Truman, Logan, UT

I felt immediate pin point connection to pain parts.  Yes, symptoms have shifted.  I feel so relaxed, happier, lighter.”    Karen