The LumiVibe Go2/Go3 

Our portable travel system

$1,100 Go2   $1500 Go3

System Includes:

Cordless Handheld Controller with Case

Go2 offers a choice of

Relaxation Red/Blue Diode Eye Mask


Blue/Near Infrared Buster Pad

Go3 comes with both the Eye Mask and the Blues Buster Pad.

*please note only one pad connects to the controller at a time


LumiVibe Go2/3 Controller

  • Cordless and Portable, Perfect for travel and sporting events
  • 12 red medical grade diodes
  • 12 near infrared medical grade diodes
  • 10 Settings ABC, 1-7, offering 25 unique harmonic resonance frequencies


Portable Relaxation Eye Mask

  • 52 Red Medical Grade diodes
  • 52 Blue Medical Grade diodes
  • Connects exclusively to the cordless controller
  • Shift your body from stress to rest.
  • Designed to be placed over closed eyes but works anywhere on the body

Portable Blue Buster 

  • 40 Blue Medical Grade Diodes
  • 50 Near Infrared Medical Grade Diodes
  • Connects exclusively to the handheld controller