The LumiVibe Go2

Our portable travel system.


System Includes:

Cordless Delivery of 12 near infrared & 12 red diodes with 10 frequency modes (A,B,C 1-7)
Padded Bag for the Cordless Controller
Choice of Relaxation Red/Blue Diode eye mask or Blue/Near Infrared Buster Pad
Choose both pads for the Go3 *please note only one pad connects to the controller at a time

LumiVibe Go2 Cordless Controller

  • Perfect for Convenient Deep Delivery Sessions to a Specific Area & Portable for Easy Travel
  • Delivers 10 Harmonic Settings:  A, B, C, 1-7
  • Cordless Controller with 12 red, 12 infrared diodes
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery with AC/DC and USB Charging cords
  • Powers one portable pad
  • Go2 System with Controller and One Pad: $1150
  • Go3 System with Controller and Two Pads $1500
  • Learn more about frequency possibilities here

LumiVibe Go2 Portable Relaxation Eye Mask

  • 24 Red Medical Grade diodes
  • 24 Blue Medical Grade diodes
  • Connects exclusively to the cordless controller
  • Shift your body from stress to rest.
  • Designed to be placed over closed eyes but works anywhere on the body

LumiVibe Go2 Portable Blues Buster Pad

  • 40 Blue Diodes
  • 50 Infrared Diodes
  • Connects exclusively to the handheld device