The LumiVibe Grow6

Our Expandable, Integrated Delivery 6 Port System.

Standard System Includes:

  • Grow6 Controller
  • Relaxation Eye Mask
  • Red/Infrared Body Pad
  • Red/Infrared Local Pad


Exchange or add pads to customize your system

LumiVibe Grow 6 Controller

  • 6 Port Controller with Timer, Visual Display, Pause/Play
  • 10 Harmonic Frequency Mode Settings – ABC 1-7
  • Expandable – Can power up to 6 pads.  Can be upgraded to the Pro6 controller capabilities when you are ready to grow.
  • Learn more about frequency possibilities here

Relaxation Eye Mask

  • 54 Red Medical Grade Diodes
  • 54 Blue Medical Grade Diodes
  • Shift your nervous system from the fight or light of stress to support resting, digesting and healing.
  • Designed to be placed over closed eyes but works anywhere on the body
  • Exchange for our Restoration Eye Mask for the same package price. Restoration Eye Mask


Red/Infrared Body Pad

  • 120 Red Medical Grade Diodes
  • 144 Infrared Medical Grade Diodes
  • FDA Cleared for Pain Management and Circulation Improvement
  • Soft and flexible for comfort delivery throughout the body including the head, back, belly, legs, shoulder, knees and feet
  • Delivers the warm, rejuvenating power of red light
  • Delivers deep penetration near-infrared light
  • Exchange for a Blue/Infrared Body Pad or Green/Infrared Body Pad for same package price.
  • Upgrade to our Super T Neuro Pad for price difference.

Red/Infrared Local Pad

  • 60 Red Diodes
  • 72 Near-infrared Diodes
  • FDA Cleared for Pain Management and Enhanced Circulation
  • Can be exchanged for a Blue/Infrared Local Pad  or Green/Infrarared Soother for the same price
  • Upgraded to a different pad for price difference

LumiCeuticals makes no claims, representations or warranties regarding the ability of its products to cure, mitigate, prevent, repair or heal any disease beyond their designated FDA clearance.