This is an interesting article because it looks at helping with depression by shining light directly into the brain through the skin to assist mood and major depressive disorder rather than just passively being around say a light box. The overall conclusion of this literary review on the efficacy of shining red and near infrared onto the head for major depressive disorder? “They found the light therapy to be low risk, inexpensive and as effective as medications.” The reviewed research revealed that red and near infrared light “penetrate the skull and modulate brain cortex.” They also found, “an indirect effect of red and NIR light, when delivered non-transcranially” In other words it doesn’t have to be only shining on the head to benefit. Their overall conclusion of the clinical studies of shining red and near infrared light on the head? “Clinical studies also indicate a significant antidepressant effect and good tolerability.” Exciting reasons to Shine With Light. Our two week in-home trial is a great place to start.